Liberty Express Courier Service is a California Corporation serving from the Greater Southern California area to all of California. Established in 1986, we offer competitively priced car, van and truck service that meets the demanding needs of the business community.

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Welcome to Liberty Express, Inc

Through the Liberty Express Customer Portal, registered customers can request cost estimates, schedule pickups and deliveries, and track packages in transit.  Click here to register.


Our closest first available driver is immediately dispatched to pick up your shipment and proceed directly to your delivery point.

2 Hour
Picked up and delivered within 2 hours anywhere within Los Angeles County.

4 Hour
Picked up and delivered within 4 hours of order placement anywhere within Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Ventury County.

Same Day
Call by 10:00 AM and job will be picked up and delivered by 5:00 PM.

Next Day
Call by 5:00 PM and job will be picked up and delivered by 3:00 PM the next day.

Contacting Liberty Express

Liberty Express can be contacted via telephone, FAX, or online:

Phone: 661-250-0057

FAX: 661-793-6540

Online: Click here for our contact form